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“The process of hiring a photographer for my wedding was an intimidating one. I spoke to a lot of people who seemed very interested in my business, but not particularly interested in my wedding. The tone was much different with Kathi and Mike. I immediately got the sense that I was not just hiring a photographer—I was hiring a guest. They wanted to be at my wedding, they wanted to celebrate with us, and they wanted to collaborate on the vision we had of that day.

On the day of the wedding Mike was the first person at the venue and had already begun scoping out the grounds. He was relaxed, excited about the location, and put myself and my bride at ease immediately. As guests began to arrive, Mike demonstrated yet another underappreciated quality, his charm. He took the opportunity to introduce himself to guests, chat about backgrounds and interests, and get to know the people he would be photographing. Again, I need to stress how nice it was to have someone who is not just a man on the clock, he was a guest.

When it came time for photos, of course, it rained. No problem for Mike. He handled like he had been through it a thousand times (and probably has). The end result was the same—beautiful photos.

During the reception Mike continued to pleasantly interact with guests while quietly moving around the space and capturing candid shots throughout the night.

I am so happy to have had the pleasure of working with Kathi and having Mike shoot our wedding. Their passion for photography really comes across and the end product is absolutely stunning.

My advice for anyone looking to hire a photographer is this—there are a lot of very talented people out there who can deliver excellent photos. In that competitive pool it is important to look for the those special few who offer something more.

Mike is something more.”

- L. Kapel

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“Mike was a wonderful addition to our wedding day. My now husband and I really wanted a day that was a party and had very little disruption for photography, etc. as we wanted the time with our guests. Mike understood this completely, worked with our schedule and blended into the background (so well that I forgot he was there a few times!).

He had a great sense of humour, worked well with the wedding party and guests and caught many of the small details that I likely would have forgotten over time. The pricing was very reasonable (especially compared to a few other outfits we priced) and, most importantly, the photos are beautiful. I would highly recommend him.”

- D. Dingham

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“Hiring Mike to photograph our wedding was one of the best decisions we made.

He is very professional, thoughtful, flexible, and creative. We are so pleased with the nice company and service we had on our big day, and extremely happy with the beautiful pictures from that day.

The memories he helped capture will be with us for a lifetime.

We highly recommend Mike for wedding photography and any other event for that matter. ”

- H. Rifai

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“Mike was amazing!! My husband and I had the most incredible wedding day, and Mike captured the emotion in every moment.

The photos are a perfect representation of our day. We have a number of friends who were also recently married, and after seeing our photos they have all commented on how envious they are.

As a couple, we expected that photography would be a bit of a challenge because I love the traditional shots and my husband wanted something more original, but somehow Mike found a delicate balance between the two styles and we both are thrilled with the final product!

Furthermore, the price was right and the turnaround time on the photos after the wedding was very impressive!”

- A. Rahim

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